It is our mission at New Fairfield Baseball to provide an opportunity for all kids ages 4 through 15 to participate in playing baseball in a meaningful way. We strive to teach the kids the rules and strategies of the game, increase self-esteem by develop

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Baseball is back in 2021 and we must reamain dilligent in all we do as a league.
Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and for participating in our league. New Fairfield Baseball has been around for more than 62 years and it’s an honor to serve as the president especialy during this COVID-19 condition. Many thanks to all past Presidents and the great work they accomplished during their terms. We always do our best to provide a competitive baseball league that develops the attitudes of integrity, respect, and teamwork in young boys and girls of New Fairfield and Sherman.

Sincere thanks to everyone who helped this year and through the current COVID-19 condition - To our Board, our managers, our coaches, and all other volunteers, your efforts are appreciated and do not go unnoticed.  It takes a lot of caring to make a volunteer organization work and it’s obvious you care. We are as good as the volunteers who work with our players and who steward our league. I am especially proud that we are overseen by a board dedicated to our mission, and I welcome your involvement and safety.

I hope to meet each of you during the baseball season.

Best of luck to every player – PLAY BALL!

Ken Bennett

President – New Fairfield Baseball