It is our mission at New Fairfield Baseball to provide an opportunity for all kids ages 4 through 15 to participate in playing baseball in a meaningful way. We strive to teach the kids the rules and strategies of the game, increase self-esteem by develop

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Cal Ripken Bat Rules

New Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Bat Regulations are attached them for your information [links to two documents: TBall_Info and AllOther_Info].

T-Ball bats only need the approved sticker to be used in 2021.

In effort to reduce any unnecessary hardship on our NFB families, we as a league have decided in addition to catchers equipment and baseballs, 1 or 2 bats that meet the new 2021 guidelines will also be issued to each team for all players use. We are sensitive to bat costs and want all to know a bat is absolutely optional as a players personal equipment.

Thank you,

Ken Bennett

President - New Fairfield Baseball