It is our mission at New Fairfield Baseball to provide an opportunity for all kids ages 4 through 15 to participate in playing baseball in a meaningful way. We strive to teach the kids the rules and strategies of the game, increase self-esteem by develop

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NFHS Baseball Program 2021-2022 Season
by posted 09/09/2021

NFHS Baseball Program - 


I know it seems to be a bit early to start thinking about the upcoming spring baseball season, but in my opinion its never to early to start to get important information out to you guys so no one is left out. So please take a second to read through this email and make sure you are all set with our communication platform... SportsYou. All future communication from me will come through the SportYou platform. This email is coming from our Diamond Club communication platform.


I have started to compile a list of players in all grades that are enrolled in the school, have played baseball in the high school program last year, and incoming freshmen that have played in the youth organization. 


My goal with this email is to make sure I am not missing anyone and to make sure you are all registered on the SportsYou Team Page (directions on getting signed up on the SportsYou below).


How to get set up on our Baseball Teams SportsYou platform:

On your smart phone -- download the SportsYou App -- looks like this-- 

Then follow these directions -- how to register for a sportsyou team - Google Search


Our team password -- ZQG4Q2AX


Please forward this email to anyone you do not see on the list below and make sure they reach out to me via email or sign up on the SportYou Team page.


You can also place some of these important dates in your calender... However, I will be sending more details regarding these dates through our SportsYou communication app...

November 22nd - Player interest meeting

December 8th - Diamond Club Meeting (All Parents are welcome)

January 12th - Diamond Club Meeting (All Parents are welcome)

February 9th - Parent/Player Mandatory Meeting

March 9th - Diamond Club Meeting (All Parents are welcome)

March 12th - Official Start of the Baseball Season

March 27th - Opening Breakfast Banquet

April 13th - Diamond Club Meeting (All Parents are welcome)

May 11th - Diamond Club Meeting (All Parents are welcome)

June 8th - Diamond Club Meeting (All Parents are welcome)

June 12th - End of the Season Dinner Banquet


Name Grade Player on SportsYou Parent on SportsYou
Harry Allison 12 Yes No
Ian Baker 12 Yes Yes
Johnnie Bassani 12 Yes Yes
Kevin Cocozza 12 Yes Yes
Dan Gantert 12 Yes Yes
Tyler Gilroy 12 Yes Yes
Matt Grauert 12 Yes No
Jack Lyden 12 Yes Yes
Joe Del Campo 11 Yes Yes
Jake Dudas 11 Yes Yes
Cameron Fairchild 11 Yes No
Dylan Gangi 11 Yes Yes
Kyle Garbowski 11 Yes Yes
Chris Kakos 11 Yes Yes
Justin McCormack 11 Yes No
James Meres 11 Yes Yes
Connor Campbell 10 Yes Yes
Thomas Gallacher 10 Yes Yes
Aidan Hearty 10 No No
Chris Humphreys 10 Yes Yes
Greg Mable 10 Yes Yes
Raymond Malanga 10 Yes Yes
Chris Mango 10 Yes No
Eric Spaulding 10 Yes Yes
Jake Scholl 10 Yes Yes
Colin Tomascak 10 Yes Yes
Zachary Walker 10 Yes Yes
Teagan Beames 9 No No
Brandon Gangi 9 No No
Ryan Gautrau 9 No No
Owen Kraska 9 No No
Nicolas Martini 9 No No
Brian Perrault 9 No No
Jaren Racca 9 No No
Aidan Reuther 9 No No
Jordan Stunkard 9 No No
Hunter Williams 9 No No
Philip Stieger (Mg) 12 Yes Yes



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