It is our mission at New Fairfield Baseball to provide an opportunity for all kids ages 4 through 15 to participate in playing baseball in a meaningful way. We strive to teach the kids the rules and strategies of the game, increase self-esteem by develop

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NFB 12yr old Travel
by posted 02/01/2020

New Fairfield 12yr old Travel - 


Important info…

  • Save the date... Wednesday April 22nd 4:15pm New Fairfield High School Varsity Baseball game at New Fairfield High School. The Varsity Rebels will be hosting Weston HS and the 12yr old travel team will take the field with the NFHS Varsity Baseball team for the National Anthem. Please arrive 15min early dressed in your travel jersey and travel hat (shorts or sweatpants are fine to wear with your jersey and hat... players do not have to wear their game pants).
  • Travel cost – Spring--$305 (included the travel tryout fee of $40) this fee was paid for already / Summer-- $350-$40 (tryout fee) = $310 Payment due date will be May 1st. Please follow the link below to make payment for the summer season

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email.


Thank You

Coach Joe

(203) 770-2055


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Uniform Orders
by posted 01/01/2020

12yr old Travel Team,

Your 2020 Travel uniform order is posted below.  Please check your order very carefully and email back your head Coach Jeremy Saladyga at to confirm your order or make changes asap.  The deadline to email him is 8 PM this Monday February 24th.  Be sure to email him even if you order is listed correctly, to confirm. Coach will need to contact anyone who doesn't respond on Monday night because the order will be placed on Tuesday.  Again, please check everything carefully including quantities, sizes, #'s and especially the spelling of your last name.  After the order is placed on Tuesday it will be difficult, probably impossible, to change it.


Thank you 





12yr old Travel First Name Last Name Jersey # Jersey Hat Dryfit Pant Belt Socks Helmet Bat Bag
        Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty.
  Teagan Beames 7 Ad Sm/1 S-M/1            
  Cooper Benoit 16 Ad Sm/1 S-M/1 Ad Sm/2          
  Carter Bowteck 21 Y Lg/1 S-M/1 Y XL/1 Y XL/2 1 2    
  Andrew Dossena 3 Ad Sm/1 L-XL/1 Ad Sm/1          
  Owen Kraska 11 Y Lg/1, Y XL/1 S-M/2 Y Lg/1          
  Spencer Makarewicz 6 Ad Med/1 S-M/1            
  Brian Perrault 10 Y Med/1, YLg/1 Youth/1 Y Med/1 Y Lg/1   2    
  Jaren Racca 1 Ad Lg/1 S-M/1            
  Aidan Reuther 8 Ad Sm/1 S-M/1 Ad Med/1   1 1    
  Josiah Saladyga 15 Ad Med/1 S-M/2 Ad Med/1 Ad Sm/2   2    
  Bryce Schopfer 27 Ad Med/1 L-XL/1           1/ #27
  Carter Semplenski 2 Ad Sm/2 S-M/2 Ad Sm/1 Y XL/2   2    
  Hunter Williams 14 Ad Sm/1 S-M/1 Ad Sm/2          
Coaches First Name Last Name Jersey # Jersey Hat Dryfit Pant Belt Socks Helmet Bat Bag
        Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty. Sz. / Qty.
  Greg Benoit 9 Ad Lg/1 S-M/1 Ad Lg/1 Ad Lg/1        
  Jeremy Saladyga 4 Ad XL/1 L-XL/3 Ad XL/1          
  Chip Williams 17 Ad XXL/1 S-M/1 Ad XXL/1          



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