It is our mission at New Fairfield Baseball to provide an opportunity for all kids ages 4 through 15 to participate in playing baseball in a meaningful way. We strive to teach the kids the rules and strategies of the game, increase self-esteem by develop

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by posted 07/10/2020

Hello everyone,

I want to send out some reminders and ask for some help from the parents as well.  Coach Ken contacted the league and reminded them of the importance of the umpires being behind the mound to maintain distancing.  Hopefully, that will not be an issue again.  

We are going to ask that you send your child with a chair or towel that they can make their home base when we are not in the field to help with our distancing.  This is not only an NF rule, but a league rule as well.  We are also going to ask that kids have their gators or a mask up in the dugout area as well except when they are up at bat, on deck, or in the field.  Coaches, especially me, will do a better job of obiding by this and enforcing it as well.  Unfortunately, this is our new reality for the foreseeable future, and it will be good practice as students will be expected to follow these guidelines when they return to school in the fall.  If we want to keep playing baseball this summer, we need to follow these rules.  

I also ask that the parents respect the social distancing guidelines as well.  I realize it isn't the normal social gathering that it has been in the past, but it will definitely help us as volunteer coaches to enforce these policies if the boys see that their parents and families are following these practices as well.  

For the rest of the season, we will be going by the arrival 45 minutes ahead of a game practice with warm-ups beginning promptly at the 30 minute mark before the game begins.  

Thank you for the help with this.  Hopefully, the weather holds out and the boys can get some baseball in this weekend.  

Saturday: 2:00 Cleary Field Bethel

Sunday: 11:00 Home versus Brookfield



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League Reminders & Newtown Update for Tomorrow
by posted 07/07/2020

Hello everyone,

I got a message from the NF baseball league today asking the coaches to remind parents of a few viewing guidelines.  With the way our home field is set up though, I believe it makes it easier for us to follow.  They ask that parents/fans should do their best to keep 6 feet apart from other parents/fans, bring your own chairs and avoid bleachers.  When distancing isn't possible, please wear masks.  If you have any concerns or questions about social distancing at the ball field, please contact the league and we can work together to keep this season safe for our kids.  

Secondly, our game tomorrow is in Newtown at 6:00.  Per Newtown's COVID rules, we are only allowed to arrive 30 minutes before game time.  Bleachers and dugouts are not allowed to be used.  We will start warm-ups at 5:30.  In case of rain, we will move the game to Thursday.  The game is at Glander Field #1 which is in the Fairfield Hills Complex.  We played in that complex last season.  


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NFB Travel Season Game Protocols (phase 3)
by posted 06/30/2020

NFB Travel Families -


I hope this email finds you well and everyone is enjoying the baseball season. We are looking to move into phase three this week (Games)


Phase Three Protocols and Guideline — Games:

  1. Teams will have their own time slot for the game(s). We will never have more than one team scheduled for a game at the facility. The 8yr old team, 9yr old team, and 10yr old team will use Tegmier facility located at Consolidated School. The 11yr old team and 12 yr old team will use the softball facility located at the High School.

  2. Players and Coaches are recommended to wear masks if they cannot keep the 6 foot recommended distance from others. (The coaches will help monitor this protocol during close training like the use of the batting cage or when the players are in the dugout)

  3. Coaches will be provided with disinfectant cleaner and will disinfect the team equipment and any other high touch or traffic areas before and after each practice.

  4. Coaches will be provided with hand sanitizer, which will be readily available to ALL players and coaches. Players and coaches will be required to use the hand sanitizer prior to the start of practice and reminded to use it during the duration of practice. 

  5. Players will not be allowed to share equipment. Each player should have his own bat and helmet.

  6. NO food allowed. This includes candy, chewing gum and/or sunflower seeds.

  7. There will be no handshaking or high fives. Players will be asked to try their best to refrain from close celebrations. 

  8. There will be no prolonged team meetings in tight groups. Coaches will spread out players and keep post practice talks to a minimum.

  9. Parents can walk their child to and from the field (please try your best to continue the social distancing recommendations while doing so). **No parent or family member will be permitted in or near the field unless there is a medical need.

  10. Players, coaches, and family members should not attend any game if they're feeling sick. We encourage EVERYONE to take their temperature prior to game and stay home if you have a fever or any symptom of any illness. Please refer to the daily health checklist. - Click here for the form -

***Please note that we will evaluate to see if we stay in phase three around the 10 day mark.


Thank you 

Coach Joe Garbowski

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NFB 11yr old Travel
by posted 02/01/2020

New Fairfield 11yr old Travel - 


Important info…

  • Save the date... Monday April 27nd 4:15pm New Fairfield High School Varsity Baseball game at New Fairfield High School. The Varsity Rebels will be hosting Masuk HS and the 11yr old travel team will take the field with the NFHS Varsity Baseball team for the National Anthem. Please arrive 15min early dressed in your travel jersey and travel hat (shorts or sweatpants are fine to wear with your jersey and hat... players do not have to wear their game pants).
  • Travel cost – Spring--$305 (included the travel tryout fee of $40) this fee was paid for already / Summer-- $350-$40 (tryout fee) = $310 Payment due date will be May 1st. Please follow the link below to make payment for the summer season


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call or email.


Thank You

Coach Joe

(203) 770-2055

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